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A whirlwind Rush of Fools

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It’s been a fast-forward ride for Rush of Fools.

Singer/guitarist Wes Willis of Birmingham, Alabama, was in a praise and worship band all through high school, but as often happens, graduation served as a portal to college and other interests, so music seemed to go by the wayside.

“But it was tough to leave that ministry,” he said. “I was really praying that if God really wanted me to do this, he would open a door, but if he didn’t, to just close it and let me get on with my life.”

He enrolled in automotive school just in case the door was closing, but he didn’t stay there long because a friend of a friend was at a similar crossroad and looking for someone to start a band. Soon there were five, and after a few months of practicing their own worship songs and coming up with a cool, Bible-based name, a gig for 70 people in a church led to the hiring of a booking agent who suggested they compete in the Band with a Mission in Nashville.

“We were only together four or five months,” Willis said, “so we told her that wasn’t our thing. But she said that we’d get a written critique, so we felt that would help us be a better worship band.”

More than 60 bands were in the competition, so Rush of Fools did their part and was packing up to leave when they got word that they’d made the Top Six and had to stick around another day.

After taking the title, Rush of Fools found themselves with a manager and a deal with Midas Records.

“It was crazy, but it worked out for us,” Willis said.

  • WHAT: Better Questions Tour with Todd Agnew, Rush of Fools and Joy Whitlock
  • WHERE: Cincinnati Hill Christian Academy, 11525 Snider Road, Cincinnati
  • WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday
  • COST: Free
  • MORE INFO: www.chca-oh.org



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